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by ardest

cumos 3D (4D)-001

[作品アーカイブ cumos立方体型万華鏡シリーズ]
cumos 立方体型万華鏡の内部映像。 
cubic type kaleidoscope, cubical kaleidoscope = cumos


■ cubic 3D kaleidscope = mirror box 鏡箱 サイコロ型万華鏡 CUMOS
■ new CUMOS site CUMOS cubic cosmos scope ]
■ 万華鏡伝導 UAPふくろうの会


When I cast my thoughts toward the big nebulae beyond the night sky, I picture an extraordinarily large spiral, 50,000 light-years in diameter. On the other hand, from a most minute point of view, when I consider our bodies, the very chromosomal DNA within our cells has a double spiral structure. And the hair on our head and the prints on our hands and feet also reveal swirls.

Thus, by transcending everyday concepts, I see the existence of a universal relationship among the basic forms of various configurations. It is in this relationship that I derive my greatest creative interest. That is the personal significance behind the creation of this CUMOS.

At first, I was trying to achieve the concept of capturing the sweep of the cosmos in a box that would fit neatly in one's hand. Then, I became fascinated by the mystery of the finite and infinite of life, and 10 years passed. The name, "CUMOS", comes from the combination of "cube" and "cosmos" and means, "The universe inside a box"         Minori Yamazaki 1990

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